Natural Progesterone Cream

There are many treatment options within the niche of Progesterone Supplementation. This form of treatment is recommended primarily to women who are suffering from extremely low levels of progesterone hormone. Please note that Progesterone Supplementation is one of the most common and safe forms of hormonal supplementation since the importance of progesterone in establishing fertility, helping pregnancy and regulating the overall menstrual and sexual health of women is a well-established fact. Thus, raising Progesterone levels via supplementary aids like Progesterone cream is safe and widely-practiced across the world. In fact, this is one of the few hormonal supplementation approaches that don't pose a heavy risk even if pursued in the form of over-the-counter format, i.e. without seeking a proper prescription. However, seeking medical opinion before starting a dedicated Natural Progesterone Cream is highly recommended.


This is because a clinical approach can help to decode the exact amount of supplementation that is needed. Thus, it becomes easier to choose a Natural Progesterone Cream brand that presents the right kind of hormone potency, concentration and absorption rate. This is rather critical since the amount of progesterone required varies across every woman who needs artificial aids to raise progesterone levels. For instance, women who are above the age of 45 years, menopausal and are trying to conceive might need to combine Natural Progesterone Cream with other progesterone enhancing aids like injections and suppositories since they need a rather significant amount of hormonal supplementation.


On the other hand, women who are struggling with menstrual problems induced by insufficient Progesterone levels might find their problems being alleviated with merely using Natural Progesterone Cream on a regular basis-in the latter case, Natural Progesterone Cream is the primary treatment while in the former example, using Natural Progesterone Cream is like a secondary aid. Other forms of Progesterone supplementation include oral contraceptives and progesterone suppositories apart from injections. However, it is generally found that most women tend to prefer progesterone creams since they are as effective as the other aids but more undemanding in terms of application, storage and usage requirements.


This is mainly because the pathway of hormonal supply found in progesterone creams is transdermal which means that the hormone is supplied via the inner layers of the skin instead of directly introducing progesterone in the bloodstream. This is why using Natural Progesterone Cream is regarded as the safest of all hormone therapy treatments. Many of the Natural Progesterone Creams retailed are further supported by approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Most of the progesterone creams are further enhanced with additional ingredients like:

It is very rare to hear about any side-effects of Natural Progesterone Cream since this form of hormone delivery is tolerated easily by the body. Transdermal delivery is usually available through prescription but it is also available in the over-the-counter format. This ensures that the most common complications associated with hormonal supplementation such as Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) and Blood Clotting are overcome. Prescription-based transdermal therapy ensures that the type of progesterone delivered is almost identical to natural progesterone. Further, delivery through the skin is slower, better regulated and well-tolerated by the patient. The presence of large brands in this niche ensures that Natural Progesterone Creams are available in various combinations, including different types of potencies and brands, each offering a different type of formulation.