Prometrium for Progesterone Supplementation

Prometrium is among the most commonly used of progesterone capsules. This prescription medication is used by women who are suffering from a deficiency of progesterone. Please note that Progesterone is among the most primary of female hormones. Progesterone is responsible for the overall wellness of women. Progesterone levels deeply impact the sexual, reproductive and metabolic health of all females. Prometrium is available in a simpler form, called Progestin. Prometrium is essentially a synthetic form of progesterone. It is meant to gradually replace the deficient amount of progesterone in the body.


There are various reasons for which Prometrium usage is indicated. Primarily, women who are not pregnant seek this medication for menstrual troubles. This is because the estrogen-progesterone balance is critical for maintaining normal menstrual cycle in women. However, sometimes estrogen levels rise exponentially. This is called a state of estrogen dominance. This is when gynecologists recommend taking Prometrium, i.e. to ensure that menstrual cycles are restored to their normal level. Again, among pre-menopause women, Prometrium is used for severe problems related to menstrual periods such as total stoppage of menstruation that is also called Amenorrhea.


However, the biggest usage of Progesterone supplementation in the form of Prometrium is its combination with some other synthetic female hormones as a part of Hormone Replacement Therapy. This is done to halt the onset of menopause. When women are about to enter menopause, they start showing some typical symptoms like sudden mood swings and hot flashes. Progesterone supplementation along with some degree of estrogen replacement ensures that menopause is halted for some time. Another critical use of Prometrium is in preventing ovarian cancer and development of fibroids in the uterus.


Prometrium is also used for inducing periods among young girls wherein it is indicated that their menstrual cycles have been totally disrupted, i.e. the onset of menstruation is subdued to some inherent hormonal imbalance. Sometimes, Prometrium is used as a secondary or supportive medication for ensuring better uterine health. Some women are prone to developing a thickened uterine lining that tends to derail attempts of conceiving. Here, Prometrium is used to ensure proper thickness of the uterus.


Prometrium is quite similar to progesterone, i.e. its chemical composition is essentially the same and it mimics all the effects of biological progesterone. Secondly, there are minimal risks indicated in using Prometrium for an extended period. Yes, some degree of initial problems in the form of headaches or slight cramping is indicated among some women who are just starting their Prometrium regimen but such symptoms usually cease within a couple of weeks. Sometimes, a bit of breast pain can also surface when starting Prometrium meds but this too usually resolves without the need for any other prescription medication.


The biggest reason why most physicians support using Prometrium is that is perhaps the only hormone medication that has nearly 100% bio-similarity with progesterone and has been approved by the FDAU.S. Food and Drug Administration. It is recommended not to take this medication without seeking a professional medical opinion. This is because Prometrium dosage needs several adjustments during the first, few weeks to reach the appropriate dosage and potency levels. This part of Prometrium usage is best overseen by an experienced healthcare provider.