Wild Yam Cream

Wild Yam Supplements


Wild Yam supplements are recommended to women who have been diagnosed with hormonal imbalances. Wild Yam Cream is the most commonly-used product in this niche.


Women who are facing problems in conceiving or those who have develop menopausal symptoms a lot earlier than the age of 45 years often suffer from severe hormonal problems. These imbalances are also found among peri-menopausal women and those suffering from thyroid problems. Progesterone and estrogen imbalances are the most common among such patients. The most common kind of hormonal problem among such patients is referred to as Estrogen Dominance.


In this condition, the harmony between estrogen and progesterone levels is disturbed. The levels of progesterone tend to dip continuously while that of estrogen rises uncontrollably. Such females are like to suffer severe disturbances in their periods apart from other symptoms like painful dryness in the vagina, lowered libido levels, hot flashes and night sweats. Often these symptoms are confused with that of menstrual problems but when the patient complains of more serious indications like migraines, insomnia and unexplained mood swings, a severe hormonal problem is indicated.


Wild Yam Cream


Wild Yam Cream is effective mainly because of the compounds found in its roots. This is why it is also called Wild Yam Root Cream. The compound is Diosgenin. This is a rare plant compound that is quite similar to progesterone. Its absorption into the body is gradual, ensuring that there are no sudden changes in the hormone levels that can lead to further worsening of the symptoms. This is why wild yam creams are often referred to as natural progesterone creams.


These creams are also capable of moisturizing the skin in a comprehensive manner. Thus, they are able to seep through the skin easily. This ensures that most of the Diosgenin is routed to the body and very little is wasted in terms of being absorbed by the skin or the underlying fat cells. For controlling symptoms like hot flashes, dry skin, hypertension and menstrual cramps and other menstrual problems, including typical PMS issues, the daily usage of Wild Yam Root Cream is recommended.


This cream is also rich in Vitamin E. Please note that vitamin E is among the most critical of skin vitamins and plays a vital role in the body's overall immunity, apart from ensuring good mental health. The role of vitamin E in helping neurological activity within the brain is finding increasing, research-based support. It is an excellent source of antioxidants that are needed for fending-off destructive, free radicals capable of causing many illnesses apart from fastening the aging process.


Most of the wild yam creams are micronized. This means that at the structural level, the size of the cream particles is reduced drastically. This ensures that the cream can be easily absorbed. This explains why despite topical application, wild yam root creams are so effective.


It is better to abide by the instructions printed by the manufacturer of Wild Yam Cream. Most of the pharmaceutical companies retailing this cream insist that the cream should be thoroughly rubbed into the softer parts of the body. This includes the side of the abdomen, inner thighs, belly and upper arm. It is better to use Wild Yam Creams that are formulated with natural ingredients and are not fortified with synthetic progesterone. The presence of steroidal hormones like steroidal progesterone neutralizes the entire utility of using a natural and safe product.